Useful Tips about Signature Nail System (SNS)

SNS, also known as Signature Nail System, are known for their superior quality dip powder manicure. SNS is a dip powder brand just like there are that makes nail polishes.

SNS dip powder is used with powder and glue, and it gives long-lasting results on the nail. This powder comes in different colors, just like nail polishes.

The powder is an alternative for people who don’t want the strong acrylic scents of nail polish, and also, the powder does not require UV light to make it stick, unlike gels. Many people are afraid of the damage UV light can cause, which is one of the advantages of SNS dipping powder.

SNS started with a man who has more than 30 years of experience in the nail care industry. His passion was to improve the quality of products for his customers.

The owner understood the challenge of women; they want to enjoy beauty without harming their health. And his passion pushed him to make SNS the first solution. The company announced the solution, which is SNS dipping powder nails, in the year 1990. SNS is a brand of dip powder like other brands of nail polish. SNS dip powder is entirely different from regular manicure. The designs are made with powder instead of polish.

You just have to dip your hands in the powder after applying the bonding liquid, and repeat the process and you have your nice looking nail.

Are SNS nails better than gels and polishes?

SNS nails won the poll according to many celebrities and their nail artists. And there are several reasons they prefer SNS dipping powders to gels and polishes. Read on to understand more of these reasons:

The first and biggest of the dipping powder’s advantages is that UV light is not needed. Many people fear that UV lights might have adverse effects on health because of the radiation, which made them more attracted to the dipping powders.

Another reason why many people choose dipping powders is that they feel uneasy with chemical odors or they have skin allergies. Regular gels and polishes make people feel awkward because of the scent, and it also causes skin allergies, but SNS nails work well and last long for people who want manicures without gel.

The powder manicure can last up to a full month if your nails grow slowly instead of gels that only last between two to three weeks.

SNS nails also look more natural than acrylic and gel nails; they are healthier, and it is better to visit an expert salon to do the dip powder manicure because the bonding liquid can do a little damage.

And the powder also offers a broader range of colors than gels and polishes, making people make it their preferred choice.

How Much Do SNS Nails Cost?

SNS nails cost 5 to 10 dollars more than the regular gels and polishes. But the extra is accounted for in the advantages of the dip powder.

Apart from the cost of buying, dip powder costs more money to maintain than gels and polishes.

Is SNS Bad For The Nails?

Since SNS started, no adverse effect has been discovered about it. SNS dip colors contains different vitamins to take care of the nail’s health and nail bed. The only negative is if it is not applied correctly or applied by a person who’s not a professional because the bonding liquid can damage.

Removing SNS Nails

Removing SNS Nails is more straightforward than the regular gel and polish. You can remove it by putting cotton balls in polish remover and use foil to secure them.

Another method is to dip your fingers in a bowl of liquid and wait for up to ten minutes, then remove the excesses and dry your fingers.

SNS Nails Designs

SNS only produces nail dipping powders, but they made the dipping powder in numerous colors to create fabulous designs on the nails. Continue reading to find out some of the design styles with SNS dipping powder:

Ombre SNS Nails

This design is one of the most popular SNS Nails designs. Only people who have mastered nail arts with dipping powders can make this process. It is better to take it to a professional to do it correctly.

SNS Nails with Tips

This design is for people with long nails. This design involves adding light colors to the tip of the nails after the initial color. It is better to get it done at a professional salon so they can do it correctly.


SNS is a leading brand in dipping powder making. They accepted the dipping powder because of the health benefits of the powder and the easy usage. It also offers more colors, and it is easier to remove than gels and polishes.