Exciting Ways to Remove Dip Powder Residue From Nugenesis Dip Nails

Dipping powder nail polish is one of the best nail manicures women can have in recent times. Besides enhancing the woman’s beauty to a different level, dip powder manicures are safe, more reliable, and do not have harmful side effects. It explains why more women opt for Nugenesis powder nails than other manicures.

However, dip powder has its drawbacks, as well. Removing dip powder polish is not as easy as removing gel polish. It requires you to visit a salon, thereby causing a hole in your purse. Is there any way by which you can perform the dip powder removal procedure at home? Yes, there are multiple ways to do so, but it requires you to practice and gain mastery before trying it out on your nails.

Dip Powder Removal Techniques At Home

Here are some simple dip powder removal ideas that are worth trying.

The Traditional Acetone Process

Whether you like it or not, using acetone to remove dip powder polish is a tried and trusted method used by women worldwide for a long time.

The procedure involves trimming your nails and soaking them in a bowl containing acetone. Acetone dissolves the nail polish powder and makes it easy to remove them. The primary quality of acetone is that it absorbs the nail polish’s water content and makes the powder dry, whereby you can dust it off quickly.

However, acetone can have a dehydrating effect on your nails and fingertips. The acetone odor can be disgusting and make you feel dizzy. Hence, you should wear a mask when using acetone to remove dip powder.

This process involves exposing your nails to acetone for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes. Instead of dipping your nails in acetone, you can place cotton balls soaked in acetone on your nails and seal them with an aluminum foil.

The downside of acetone is the nauseating effect. Besides, acetone is not readily available at home. Here are some alternative dip powder removal procedures that you can resort to using readily available ingredients.

Using alcohol to remove nail polish

If you have the odd vodka bottle in your refrigerator, you can use the alcohol content in it to remove dip powder. Alternatively, the hand sanitizer that you are so much used to, especially during these pandemic times, to remove the powder from your Nugenesis dip nails.

Compared to acetone, alcohol is a less effective solvent. Hence, the procedure can take more time. You might have to remove the nail polish layer by layer. Therefore, you need to keep at least half an hour aside from your schedule to remove dip powder using alcohol.

Alcohol can also be smelly. Hence, it is advisable to use a mask while removing your nail polish.

Nail Polish Remover is an excellent alternative

Generally, nail polish removers contain acetone. However, they do not have the horrendous odor as pure acetone has because nail polish removers contain perfumes, oils, and other organic compounds to mask the acetone odor. Besides, these oils help to rehydrate your nails and prevent them from drying or cracking.

The steps involved in the Nugenesis dip powder nails removal procedure is the same. The only difference is that it could take around twenty minutes.

Distilled White Vinegar can also do the job for you

Distilled vinegar is usually available in all kitchens as a seasoning agent. You can put this vinegar to excellent use for removing dip powder polish.

You should note that vinegar is acidic. Hence, prolonged exposure to it can damage your nails. The procedure should not take more than twenty minutes. You should remember to wipe your hands clean using a paper towel after the procedure.

Hydrogen Peroxide is an excellent nail polish remover

Hydrogen peroxide has bleaching qualities. It can help remove your nail polish quickly. The procedure involves mixing hydrogen peroxide in warm water. Subsequently, you should soak your nails in this solution for about twenty to twenty-five minutes.

The downside is that hydrogen peroxide can bleach your skin. Your skin could also start looking whiter and paler. However, it is excellent for removing the dip powder residue from Nugenesis dip nails.

Any other alternative

If you cannot find any of the ingredients listed above, your toothpaste can serve as the ideal alternative. Toothpaste contains several artificial whitening agents. It has various chemicals that can remove stains. Rubbing a mixture of toothpaste with baking soda on your nails can remove dip powder residue and leave your hands sparklingly clean.

Precautions to take

A dip powder removal procedure can dehydrate your nails and remove water content. Hence, you should let your nails heal themselves. Therefore, it is advisable to have a week or more gap between two successive nail manicures.

Meanwhile, you can use tea tree oil, coconut oil, or cuticle oil to massage your nails and prevent fungal infections. Lavender oil and Almond oil can also help reduce inflammation while making your nails and skin clean and soft.

Would you like to try out Nugenesis powder nails removal at home now? Go ahead and have a blast.