What’s Body Pos?

We Interview women who are uniquely embracing their relationship to their bodies.

How is it possible to maintain pride when whole industries are powered by our insecurities? How do brilliantly nonconforming women navigate a culture with such narrow beauty standards? How does one claim and love a feminine identity in a world where doing so isn’t the norm?

Body Pos is a platform and community dedicated to women leading beautiful revolutions of self-identify — bared blemishes, diverse proportions, differently-abled bodies, and all. Profiling influential women of different shapes, shades, aesthetics, and attitudes, Body Pos looks to share stories as unique as they are universal.

Welcome to the Body Pos Project. We’re so excited to be here with you.

Founder/Storyteller Laura Jane Kenny and Art Director/Storyteller Erin Fosbenner

Why Body Pos?

Laura Jane Kenny and Erin Fosbenner started the Body Pos Project in the summer of 2016. While retouching model imagery for a multi-billion dollar commercial fashion brand, Laura Jane was inspired to start the Body Pos Project. After sharing her idea with designer and collaborator Erin Fosbenner, the two found themselves spending nights and weekends strategizing ways to bring Body Pos to life. In a culture saturated with imagery that represents one type of beauty and body, Laura Jane and Erin are determined to start seeding the digital world with stories and images that were boldly, inspiring, and yet remarkably relatable.

Previously, Laura Jane and Erin co-curated art project She Was Asking For It, an exhibition exploring the roles of clothing and identity for sexual assault survivors. Laura Jane and Erin both work in the creative industry and live in Brooklyn, NY.