How to Apply Gel Nail Polish?

Are you looking for salon-quality gel nails without paying a salon fee? The DND DC nail polish is an excellent choice for you. If this is your first time going for an at-home manicure, you might be a bit nervous about missing out on any essential steps. Lucky for you, we have it all covered here. Our brief yet comprehensive guide will assist you in obtaining the best, long-lasting, and glossy gel manicure at home. Read on to learn more!

How to Apply Gel Nail Polish

How to apply nails at home

Start with Cleaning & Grooming Your Nails

As with any manicure, you will want to start with groomed and clean nails. Make sure that your nails are filed in your desired shape and that your cuticles are pushed back. If your nails are not so oily and naturally soft, you can simply buff your nails’ surface. The benefit of buffing the soft surface of your nails is that it will provide your nails with a texture to which the DND DC gel polishes can stick. For this, you can use a soft grit file which should be softer than a regular buffing grit.

Wipe & Apply Primer

Next, use a wipe that should be free of lint to not accidentally deposit debris or lint onto your nail surface. Dab a rad bit of alcohol onto the wipe and clean the nails’ surface to prepare the best clean and fresh canvas to apply the DND DC colors. If you want the DND DC gel colors to last longer, you can use a pH primer. The primer serves the purpose of completely dehydrating the nail and making it as oil-free as possible while also removing oil, tiny particles, and any debris from the nails.

If anything survived the alcohol-soaked wipes, the primer would ensure that nothing remains and the nail surface is ready for a pretty manicure session. The primer also increases the longevity of the manicure. Once the primer dries (it will dry pretty fast), you can move on to the base gel coat. We recommend using the OPI gel base coat.

The application of the base coat is smooth and feels like regular nail lacquer. The best aspect about using a gel base coat is that it sticks to the nails, and you won’t have to go through the process of curing the nails. Despite the strong adhering power of the gel base coat, it is easy to remove without damaging the nails, an essential part of a healthy, shiny, glossy, and long-lasting manicure.

Apply the Base Coat

While applying the base coat, make sure that you cap the free edge of the nails first and later move on to applying the base coat on the top of your nails. This step is essential for keeping the entire nail surface smooth. Avoid applying a thick coat of the base gel. Go for a light coat instead. After curing your base coat, you can move on to your colored coat. You will find a wide variety of DND DC colors, which will allow you to go all-in while making a solid fashion statement.

Apply DND DC Gel Color

As you did with your base coat, apply a thin coat of the DND DC gel color onto your nails. Again, before you apply the second colored coat to your nail surface, drag a little bit of the DND DC color (of your choice) along the tip of your nail, which will ensure that your nail is fully sealed with the DND DC gel color while preventing any sort of lifting.

As you cap the free edges of your nails, it will also prevent your nails from getting too heavy at the ends. If you get any of the DND DC gel polish on your skin, make sure to remove it before placing your hand underneath the LED light for curing. Also, ensure that you don’t have any DND DC gel sticking to the skin surrounding the nails. You can also go for a second coat if needed.

Apply a Top Coat

If this is your first time doing your nails at home, the chances are that you might be applying a thicker coat of the DND DC gel nail polish, which can cause heat during the curing process. Lastly, apply a top coat over your colored coat to give the manicure a finishing touch. Remember to keep our coats thin, which will ensure a long-lasting manicure. After the topcoat, cure your nails one last time. Complete your salon-quality manicure by rubbing your favorite cuticle oil onto your nails and skin.

Final Thoughts

With good after-care, your salon-like DIY manicure will last more than three weeks. With a wide range of DND DC gel colors, you can up your nail game and achieve a professional manicure at home. All you need to do is follow the five steps mentioned above and make your hands and nails pop.