Get Your Mani Without Leaving the Comforts of Your Home with OPI Gel and Lacquer

Having your nail manicure at the salon is fantastic. You get a professional to do the job for you. Yes, you get perfection, but what would be your reaction if I say that you can achieve the same results at home? If you are jumping out of your skins, hold your horses. This article teaches you how to get the perfect nail polish job without moving an inch from your home. In this age of social distancing, it has become necessary too.

Get your best gel nails at home

Before you sit down to attempt your nail manicure, you should have the tools on hand. It is a fantastic idea to go for the OPI gel polish color, as it ensures a better finish.

  • Sterilized nail file and buff
  • Basecoat
  • OPI gel nail polish
  • Topcoat
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Ultraviolet lamp

Purchasing all these items should not be an issue, as all of them are available online. Technically, many people prefer to select the regular nail polish or dipping powder. However, we suggest you go for the gel and lacquer combo because of the following reasons.

  • It lasts long.
  • The process is not a messy one.
  • Get the opportunity to experiment with a range of attractive colors.

Step 1 – Prepare your nails for the job.

Your nails should be in perfect shape before you attempt the nail polish job. Use a good-quality nail cutter to get them in shape without any sharp edges.

Use the sterilized nail file to smooth out the rough edges. Use a sterilized hand towel to clear the debris.

Step 2 – Push back the cuticles.

Pushing the cuticles back into their grooves is the key to a successful nail manicure. Cuticle oil plays a crucial role in softening and loosening the cuticles. Thus, you can push them back gently.

One should ensure to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water to remove all oil traces. Any leftover oil can cause your gel nail polish to lift.

Step 3 – Buff your nails properly.

Buffing your nails from edge to edge is critical. If you do not do so, the natural oils can build up and reduce your gel manicure’s lifespan. One advised getting rid of the residue using an alcohol wipe. The idea is to remove all the natural oils to make your manicure last longer.

Step 4 – Basecoat application

The basecoat is the foundation of any nail manicure. Apply the basecoat gently using straight lines. In doing so, cure the nail under the UV lamp. The ideal curing time should be around 30 seconds. However, it depends on the type of light you have at home.

Step 5 – Do the paint job.

Select the ideal OPI gel nail polish from your collection and start painting your nails. You can choose a single color or go for a multicolored coat. However, you should make it a point to cure the nail under the UV lamp between each coat. Continue with this process until you have a pleasant and opaque layer on your nails.

Step 6 – Apply the topcoat.

The basecoat will have a dull finish. Hence, you need to apply a topcoat to give a glossy look. Use a fine brush to apply the topcoat in straight lines without overlapping. Cure the nails under the UV lamp for the last time to dry your topcoat.

Your nail polish job is over. You can sign off by adding a few drops of cuticle oil. It helps to hydrate the nails and make them healthy. Your nails are ready to last for a minimum of three to four weeks.

Now that you have an excellent set of nails do not peel it off when ready to remove the manicure.

Gel Polish Removal

Though there are different ways to remove gel polish, like filing, using a steamer, and acetone-soaked cotton balls, we shall stick to the tried and trusted salon method.

  • You can gently file off the top layers carefully, so they fall off on their own.
  • Take cotton balls soaked in acetone and place it over the nails.
  • Use tin foils to cover them up and secure them properly.
  • Wait for a minimum of half an hour to remove the polish altogether.
  • Check if the polish has loosened. If not, repeat the procedure for some more time.
  • Use a wooden cuticle stick to push the polish off your nails gently.
  • Never use the file to remove stubborn gel polish residue forcibly. You could damage your nails.
  • Wash the polish off with soap and water and allow your nails to aerate.
  • Do not go for a new manicure immediately after removing the old polish.
  • Let your nails hydrate well, as they could otherwise chip off.


We have seen how to apply and remove gel polish at home. You should ensure to use quality products like OPI gel and lacquer combo to get the best results at home without going to a salon.